The Origin

The Black Ginger or Kaempferia Parviflora is a little known form of ginger mainly found in the northeast part of Thailand. It is very popular among the Thai people who use it as energy booster, anti-fatigue and aphrodisiac.

Black Ginger symbolizes our dynamism to serve you.


PATRICK                                                  PHILIPPE

The restaurant was opened by Philippe, director of Hotel La Banane during 10 years and Patrick, 30 of experience in the restoration.

Friends of motorized adventures, both men welded by a strong friendship, decided to dash a new challenge by opening this Thai restaurant which was lacking in the St Bart's gastronomic pallet.

They thought of everything together: from the design to the choice of the staff.

For the credibility of the place, they surrounded themselves with a team of famous Thai Chefs.


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